Terms And Conditions


These terms and conditions govern the use of the website known as www.worldswimsuit.com (“the website”), including, but without limitation, participation in any/or all elements to the website (such as blogs, forums, chats, competitions and all other areas) as presented by World Swimsuit.

By using the website and/or entering any competitions, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.


“entrants” means any person who is eligible to enter the model search and who has successfully completed the registration process;

“finalists” means the entrants who are selected once the competition closes;

“winner” means the entrant who is selected to feature on the WORLD SWIMSUIT Model Pages, and who will be announced via social media as the winner of the WORLD SWIMSUIT model search competition;

“users” mean all persons who access the website and participate in any features on the website including but not limited to blogs, forums, chats, voting and competitions;

“model search” means the model search conducted by WORLD SWIMSUIT, whereby it selects the winner to feature in WORLD SWIMSUIT.

“WS Stars” means WORLD SWIMSUIT Stars, redeemable (by entrants) through Online Votes, Popularity Stars rewarded by the Public, in addition to Stars awarded (to entrants) by a Panel of Judges.

Although Voting Stars and Popularity Stars are considered in selecting the 30 finalists, it does not impact the final selections or choices made by the Judges.


The model search commences in March 2018 and ends in July 2018. The model search is open to all eligible natural persons.

In order to be eligible to enter the model search entrants are required to be:


2.at least 16 (sixteen) years or older as of 15 November 2018 and no older than 35 (thirty five) years.

Participation in the competition is entirely at the entrant’s own risk. By entering the model search, entrants agree to these terms and conditions and to accept further communication from WORLD SWIMSUIT.

World Swimsuit reserves the right of admission to the competition.


To enter the model search an entrant is required to register and/or set up a user profile via the website (“the registration process”). The registration process shall provide the entrant with access to certain portions of the website.

Entrants agree and declare that all information provided by them in the registration process is accurate and current.

Having successfully completed the registration process all entrants shall be eligible to be selected as a finalist and ultimately the winner of the model search.


An entrant who successfully completes the registration process is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of their registration information. Entrants may not sub-license, transfer, sell or assign their registration information to any third party.

Entrants are solely accountable for all of their individual usage or activity on the website including, but not limited to, use of the website by any person who uses an entrant’s registration information, with or without authorization.

If an entrant has reason to believe that their account is no longer protected (for example, in the event of a loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of an entrant’s registration information) the entrant must immediately notify WORLD SWIMSUIT of the problem by sending an email to info@worldswimsuit.com


WORLD SWIMSUIT has the right but is in no way obliged to, regulate and/or edit and/or remove any activity or content from the website which they deem inappropriate.

Users and entrants hereby represent and warrant that:

A. They own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content that they post;

B. The content is accurate;

C. Use of the content supplied by users and entrants does not violate these terms and conditions and will not cause injury to any person or entity.

D. The users and entrants hereby indemnify WORLD SWIMSUIT, the WORLD SWIMSUIT Sponsors, or its partners, against all claims arising from or otherwise related to content supplied by that user or entrant.

E. WORLD SWIMSUIT, or its partners, assume no responsibility and/or liability for any materials posted by users or entrants or any third party on the website.

F. WORLD SWIMSUIT, or its partners, do not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, certify, or agree with the comments, opinions, or statements posted on forums, blogs or otherwise contained on the website.


Any person can vote.

If it is proven (or suspected) that persons are using unlawful voting mechanisms, by whatever means, the entrant may be disqualified without notification, and at WORLD SWIMSUIT’s sole discretion.


WORLD SWIMSUIT STARS are the ‘currency’ the Judges shall use to select the finalists in the WORLD SWIMSUIT Model Search.

The entrants who have received the most WORLD SWIMSUIT STARS : 15 (fifteen) stars in total (comprising of ALL the categories specified below) by the closing day of the competition (including votes awarded on the closing day) will be selected as finalists.

WORLD SWIMSUIT JUDGES will choose the Model Search Winner from these finalists, at their sole discretion.



The Amount Of Stars Redeemable Through Votes Are:

  • 100 Votes = 1 STAR
  • 250 votes = 1 STAR
  • 500 Votes = 1 STAR
  • 1 000 Votes = 1 STAR
  • 10 000 Votes = 1 STAR
  • 50 000 Votes = 1 STAR

Claim Your Own Voting Stars: Each entrant will be able to log into her Model Profile, and claim her own Voting Stars, once she reaches each Rewarded level of Votes!


The Amount Of Stars Allocated To Popularity Votes Are:

  • Girl of the Week Star – Chosen by the public via Facebook = 1 STAR


Amount Of Stars Allocated By The Panel Of Judges Are:

  • Girl of the Day Star - Awarded by WORLD SWIMSUIT (WS) = 1 STAR
  • Editor's Choice Star - Awarded by the WS Editorial’s team = 1 STAR
  • Photographer's Choice Star - Awarded by a WS photographer = 1 STAR
  • Model’s Choice Star – Awarded by a World Swimsuit Star = 1 STAR
  • Videographer’s Choice Star - Awarded by a WS Cameraman = 1 STAR
  • FTV Star - Awarded by FTV = 1 STAR
  • Sponsor’s Star – Awarded by a WS Sponsor = 1 STAR
  • Blog Star - Awarded by prominent Bloggers = 1 STAR

The WORLD SWIMSUIT STAR Award system is awarded entirely at the discretion of the WORLD SWIMSUIT Judges, and its partners, and the decisions shall be final and no correspondence or negotiations shall be entered into.

Employees of WORLD SWIMSUIT, sponsors, media partners may not enter the model search.


The judges’ final decision regarding the allocation of the WS Stars, and the selection of the finalists (and the winner) will be final and no correspondence in this regard shall be entered into.

NB: Although Voting Stars and Popularity Stars are considered it does not impact the selections made by the judges, when awarding the Judges Stars. These stars are awarded at the Judges’ sole discretion.

WORLD SWIMSUIT shall notify the finalists via email, and the results will be announced to the public on the WORLD SWIMSUIT website and via Facebook, in July 2018.

WORLD SWIMSUIT shall notify the winner via email, and the final result will be announced to the public on the WORLD SWIMSUIT website in August 2018.

The winner is required to travel to a WORLD SWIMSUIT Location for no longer than 7 (seven) days during September/October 2018. WORLD SWIMSUIT shall attend to payment of all travel and accommodation costs on behalf of the winner, for the shoot.

The winner’s prize is non-negotiable and will be forfeited, with a new winner selected, if the winner is not available to travel to the WORLD SWIMSUIT model shoot during the months of September/October 2018

WORLD SWIMSUIT may, after the winner has been publicly announced, request the winner to agree in writing to endorse, promote or advertise the WORLD SWIMSUIT website, YouTube Channel and its relevant sponsors. No fee will be applicable to any such endorsement.

All images submitted as entries into the competition whether photographs or video, remain the property of WORLD SWIMSUIT. Images may be used commercially to advertise the competition, the WORLD SWIMSUIT Website, Shop, YouTube Channel, its sponsors, as well as distributed, without credit or payment, across digital and print platforms.

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